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If you are a newly-recruited faculty member, Columbia offers dual career services to assist your accompanying spouse/partner with the challenges of conducting non-academic job searches in a new location.  Spouse/partner dual career services are provided as a resource only and do not create an entitlement to nor guarantee of employment.


Spouses/partners of newly recruited tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible for services and resources during a six month window and can access the program for up to one year from your hire date.


Pant Classics Classics Classics Track Hush Hush Hush Track Track Track Classics Pant Pant Hush For spouses/partners seeking non-academic careers, the Faculty/Spouse Dual Career Search Service offers individual consultations and referrals through a network of experienced career services, human resources and other professionals in the Columbia community. Consultations typically include a discussion of career goals, job market assessment, resume/CV and cover letter critiques, job search suggestions, interview tips and more.   

Ready for help?

Contact the Office of Work/Life at or (212) 854-8019.

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