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camo 1st birthday, Beautiful "CAMO" Baby's 1st Birthday Keepsake Bracelet - DARLING.



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A TRACEY'S CUSTOM DESIGN FAVORITE! - Baby's "CAMO" Keepsake Bracelet.Stunning Baby's 1st birthday bracelet!YOU CHOOSE THE CHARM FOR BABY'S 1ST, 2ND OR 3RD for birthdays: #1, #2, #3, Crucifix or angel charmBaby's Birthday Bracelet. Delicately crafted with hand selected Swarovski Crystals in "Camo" Coloring - Includes charm of your choice for baby's 1st. 2nd or 3rd Birthday!! What a beautiful accent piece for your baby girl's birthday event! Adding just the right amount of sparkle and shine...this bracelet will be a perfect accent piece for those MANY photos you will sure to be taking :) PERFECT for gift giving!PLEASE NOTE: Since every little wrist is not exactly the same size...CUSTOM SIZING IS AVAILABLE upon request for no extra charge! This bracelet DOES come with an extension chain for size adjusting. Simply message me the size you feel would best fit the birthday girl's wrist & her special Birthday Keepsake will be ready and shipped out within 2 days!****************************************, 1st birthday

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