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These Labrador cufflinks are inspired by watching Labradors, just like my own, Ted and Stanley, instinctively work the fields. The silhouettes are made from solid Sterling Silver, measuring aprox 2 cm (20mm) by 2cm (20mm). A Sterling Silver cufflink arm fixes the cufflink in place. The cufflinks are finished with a brushed / satin effect on both the front and back.These Labrador cufflinks are an ideal gift for owners and admirers of this breed or may also appeal to lovers of country and rural pursuits. A gorgeous gift for a loved one for many occasions from weddings to birthdays and retirements, or beautiful treat for yourself.Each Labrador outline is hand cut specifically for you. This means that no one piece is identical. This makes your jewellery uniquely yours and gives it character - in this case, we could almost name each Labrador! These cufflinks form part of a wider collection, with matching items available.My studio is nestled at the top of a small valley, in the ever changing, rolling hills of the Cornish countryside and it's this location that inspires the Field and Flight collection. The history and traditions of rural life fascinate me and when I look out over those fields that now feel so familiar, I can't help but love how they are still filled with the traditions of time gone by. There is sense of community and pride that is admirable and a core value in the Field Sports community. It's fuelled by the passion for preserving a treasured heritage and I find that truly inspirational. This collection is a contemporary snap shot of Cornish (and British) countryside traditions and life!, hunting

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